Students from all over the world have designed some innovative solutions for the problems faced by the world

Almost a hundred students were recognized and rewarded for their innovation as well as their impactful solution projects for solving global problems.  3 of the winning teams, having twelve students from different GEMS schools, have now decided to get together for submitting their project at the Singularity University Global Summit that is taking place in California in August.

The well-known Global Innovation Challenge invited the students to submit their prototypes by using technology that is focused on the future for example, 3D printing, nanotechnology, robotics, and the addressing of different areas comprising of disasters, environment, shelter, food, learning, health, and etc.

The projects that were considered most innovative were then shortlisted, and in the last two months, thirty-five of the teams have been mentored by professionals from the industries, have received funding and have also attended entrepreneur workshops. The teams have pitched their ideas to some judges from Emirates airline, Visa, Microsoft, injaz UAE and several other organizations in special days assigned for demonstration and then later the winners were selected.

An example of the projects can be of a bracelet that was designed. A student of 10th grade, Aastha Das, studying at Gems New Millennium School in Al Khail, has designed a ring for the self-protection of women as a solution to the continuously growing violence in our time against women. This bracelet has a button on it that named SHERO, a combination of ‘She’ and ‘Hero’. At the time of danger, the woman can press the button and it will release an electric shock on the attacker, giving time for the woman to run. The bracelet also has GPS that will send signals to the girls’ guardians as well as the police station.

The winners of the challenge were later split into categories of Junior and Senior. Three of the winning teams from the senior category will proceed to presenting their project at the Singularity University Global Summit.