Minister of Higher Education wrote a letter to welcome the EU, EEA, and Switzerland’s students and staff

The welcoming position of further & higher education sector of Scotland have been set out by the ministers to the European capitals.

Minister of Higher Education Richard Lochhead has written to the education ministers of the European Union to reiterate that the colleges & universities of Scotland remain open & welcoming to the students & staff of EU.

In Scotland there are proportionally more EU students than any other part of the United Kingdom and Mr. Lochhead reaffirmed that the Government of Scotland will be paying tuition fees for eligible students from the European Union, European Economic Area & Switzerland, starting courses either this year or next, for the duration of their courses.

The case for Scottish institutions which continue cross border research & collaboration through Horizon 2020 & other relevant European programs after Brexit is also included in the letter.

Some of the highlights of the letter are as follows:

I am writing to extend my good wishes to your Government and to reaffirm the position of the Scottish Government in welcoming our European neighbors to these shores.

I recognize completely that our membership of the EU provides significant mutual benefits for all our institutions, both here in Scotland and your own country and recognizing this mutual benefit our position on Brexit is clear.

EU students & staff are a significant part of our campus life.  We are resolute that they should continue to be able to come to Scotland. We have confirmed previously that we will continue to provide financial support to eligible students from the EEA, EU, and Switzerland who begin courses at Scottish institutions in academic years 2019 to 2020 and 2020 to 2021, for the duration of their courses.  This guarantee lasts even in the event of failure of the United Kingdom’s Government to agree to a Withdrawal Agreement.

Richard Lochhead

Minister for Further Education, Higher Education, and Science