21 Helicopters Grounded by CAA due to Safety Issues with Rolls Royce engines

Highlights CAA grounded 21 helicopters over safety concerns with Rolls Royce Engines Affected engines found in Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials investigation through monitoring and... Read more »

In less than a weeks’ time, North Korea tests new ballistic missiles

North Korean Military has stated that three projectiles were Monday, immediately after previous testing of two short-range missiles that were concluded on March 2, which was personally inspected by the President of... Read more »

US and Brazil to work together for advancement of defense technology

  Highlight:- South American countries can access finances from the United States budget The Brazilian defense industry has 220 companies and they export to nearly 85 countries The US government and the... Read more »

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi All Set to Become the Second Budget Airlines of UAE

Highlights: Wizz Air Abu Dhabi expected to start operations by second half of 2020 Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding [ADDH] Company to partner with European low-cost airline Wizz Air Abu Dhabi: As per... Read more »

Principles for the United States-India strategic partnership

As the head of the states of independent and lively democracies, President Trump and Prime Minister Modi declared to fortify a United States-India Complete Universal Strategic Partnership. They vowed to strengthen defense... Read more »

TAE Aerospace revamps first F135 engine outside USA

  TAE Aerospace is the first Australian corporation that was assigned the Asia-Pacific region’s F135 upkeep, patch-up, overhaul and upgrade workshop responsibility in 2015. Over the span of five years, TAE Aerospace... Read more »

Projectiles fired by North Korea hours after they offered to talk

North Korea propelled two unidentified shots into the ocean on Tuesday, South Korea’s military stated, hours after the North offered to continue atomic discretion with the United States in late September. South... Read more »

U.S. drone was shot down by Iran, it took off from UAE

Iran’s remote clergyman said on Twitter that a U.S. military automaton that was shot somewhere near Tehran on Thursday had taken off from the United Arab Emirates. “At 00:14 US automaton took... Read more »

Boeing and Etihad are going to use their biofuel-powered jet, 787

Boeing said it is working with UAE national carrier Etihad Airways to fly a 787 Dreamliner powered partly by biofuel made from desert plants irrigated with seawater. The US aircraft manufacturer highlighted how the company is... Read more »