Japanese government’s joint project with Indian growers

The government of Japan has launched a new project where they would be sharing technology with the Indian growers to boost the fresh produce production.

It was stated in the report ‘The Nikkei’ that a test field will be set up in Ahmedabad which is in Gujrat, which will be demonstrating the use of fertilizers, agrochemicals, and high-yield sees to domestic growers.

This technology will aim to increase the production of tomatoes, cucumbers, & leafy vegetables. The planting will commence as early as October.

The development of the field came after the 24 Japanese firms attended a briefing on the project at the site at the beginning of July.

These firms which will be participating will be contributing machinery, raw materials, as well as, advice on the ways to use & maintain them. Their involvement will also be providing help in efforts to sell the farming machinery, seeds, as well as, seedlings in India.

According to The Nikkei report, Even though the agricultural ministry of Japan has been researching the business environments of emerging economies, this is the first-ever time it has invested in a joint venture with the private sector in one of these locations.

Some Japanese agricultural firms have already made inroads in India, but they incurred problems as they promote their business separately with mismanaged seed or machinery not being used properly, according to the report

The ministry of agriculture is hoping that a project led by the government, would bring the firms together, would help the firms, as well as, their customers in achieving better results.

Japan is well-known for its ability to produce local food with innovative technologies. Recently, Japan introduced a system of food production without any soil. It also boosts efforts to increase the demand for Japanese farming technology in other countries as well as India.