Coronavirus: Scotland Distillers Face a Financial Impact

Highlights China is the biggest spirits market, Scotch whiskey worth 89 million pounds was exported to China in 2019 The scotch whiskey production will be severely affected A potential loss of 200... Read more »
Fed Reserve: Treasury

Interest Rates down to almost Zero: Federal Reserve

On Sunday, the Federal Reserve announced that the interest rates are to be lowered down to almost zero for the Americans to acquire loan in the time of need at rates that... Read more »

U.S. Tech Out of China Alarms American Firms

Highlights: Trump administration to restrict American tech companies to deal with Chinese counterparts Tech industry warns the American tech companies The U.S. administration wants to protect the national security of the country... Read more »

It’s time to flaunt your sanitizer as Louis Vuitton decides on making one

A French multinational and global fashion brand LVMH Moët Hennessy, more commonly known as Louis Vuitton has decided of manufacturing sanitizers amidst coronavirus pandemic. The company took this decision to tackle on... Read more »

Economist Alan Blinder Says USA Again In Recession

American economist Alan Blinder, who is a former Federal Reserve vice chairman and now a professor at Princeton, says that USA might be already in recession due to the fear-induced economic slowdown... Read more »

Strong measures being implemented to cutoff hoarding and ensure sufficient supply of goods

  Highlight:- has shipped all the available toilet papers President Trump held a telephonic conversation with 30 key players in retail industries With the rising fear of coronavirus, people are going... Read more »

Is Defensive Mechanism an escape from duty?

Many times, a surgeon has to make tough decisions during surgeries. MIT economist pulled the curtain of the medical professionals that whether at the time of operation, they make decisions to run... Read more »


Highlights: Air crafts retired by the US airlines. The US Airline industry have repeatedly being hit by the industry shocks. First the 9/11 attacks had precipitated a decade of the industry bankruptcies... Read more »

21 Helicopters Grounded by CAA due to Safety Issues with Rolls Royce engines

Highlights CAA grounded 21 helicopters over safety concerns with Rolls Royce Engines Affected engines found in Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials investigation through monitoring and... Read more »