First budget of Johnson government presented by Indian origin finance minister

Highlight:- Special targeted funds for poor regions The government might need to borrow funds this could add to the deficit   Rishi Sunak, Britain’s new finance minister had promised to provide billions... Read more »

Carlsberg in the midst of a high-level embezzlement probe

Carlsberg is probing its Indian Unit for financial downsides that includes spurious payments, forgeries and erroneous payments. The probe has been initiated due to charges leveled at it by its local partner... Read more »

Apple toying with the idea of a foldable smart phone

With a host of other manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola and Huawei launching the foldable smart phone, it comes as no surprise that Apple too has joined this elite list. A new patent... Read more »

Matured consideration to get an extra $537m, most to be spent on 10,000 home-care bundles

The Morrison government will spend an extra $537m on matured consideration to address three need territories recognized by the searing imperial commission between time reports: a gigantic deficiency of home-care bundles, abuse... Read more »

University of Greenwich is one of biggest University for number of students.

The University of Greenwich includes a growing name. one in all the biggest universities within the capital by student numbers, we tend to are well known for the standard of our learning... Read more »

A human sized jelly fish had been spotted off the UK coast

Lizzie Daly was jumping Saturday off the shoreline of Cornwall in Britain when she saw something enormous out there and completed a twofold take. Daly had seen a barrel jellyfish previously however... Read more »

Nexo Hydrogen by Hyundai with the range of 1 thousand Kilometers to be launched in Asia

Hyundai has confirmed plans to launch a new hydrogen-fueled car in the Indian market. The car in question is the Hyundai Nexo which is already on sale in the South Korean market.... Read more »

Around 30 percent of children experience sibling bullying either as a victim or a bully

An exceptional amount of effort, as well as, the time has been invested by Australia in putting in place the programs for the prevention of bullying, primarily across the schools. This type... Read more »

The services of IT advertised as the primary key to the future of farming sector of Japan

Robots that will pick a tomato, tractors that will drive without any human driver, and camera-mounted drones which will examine the fields to detect any crop damage, and satellite information from the... Read more »