Northrop Grumman Subsidiary to be DARPA’s Commercial Partner

Highlights DARPA selects Space Logistics LLC as its commercial partner This will be a path-breaking mission by DARPA America’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected Space Logistics LLC as its... Read more »

Science can turn the concept of Invisible man into reality

We as humans have always been very experimental and curious, and our interest about how to be invisible has been very visible, and thus there have been many research programs covering how... Read more »

Animal that does not breath discovered by the scientists

Every human being on the surface of planet earth knows “Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”, as this is the first thing we come across when we try to learn and... Read more »

North Korea pulled back from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in 2003

It, in this way, created atomic weapons, with five underground atomic tests finishing in a speculated nuclear blast (a nuclear bomb) on September 3, 2017. Presently a group of researchers drove by... Read more »
India International Science Festival

The India International Science Festival, the nation’s science party, starts in Kolkata, the City of Joy

The occasion, held from the fifth of November to the eighth of November, 2019, is being sorted out by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of... Read more »
rocket launcher

New multiple rocket launcher fired by North Korea

D.P.R.K. confirmed Friday it conducted its third test-firing of a brand new “super-large” multiple launchers that it says expands its ability to destroy enemy targets in surprise attacks because it continues to... Read more »
Tully monsters

Tully monsters are spreading all over

Categorizing the 300 million year recent ossified remains of Tullimonstrum gregarium was never getting to be straightforward. A recent analysis of eye pigments in animals is doing nothing to settle the argument,... Read more »

Over two-thirds of the populations in China, India, and Thailand are at risk due to the rising sea levels

Coastal areas presently home to 300 million people are going to be vulnerable by 2050 to flooding made worse by temperature change, despite however aggressively humanity curbs carbon emissions, scientists aforesaid Tues.... Read more »

Space robot to be developed by Russia and Japan

Russia and Japan might participate during a joint project on developing a space golem, Yevgeny Dudorov, the acting director of the humanoid Technology Company, that antecedently created a Russian humanlike golem Fedor,... Read more »