First ever robotic coronary angioplasties completed in Germany by Robocath

A firm which designs, manufactures, and markets cardiovascular robotic systems to treat vascular ailments, Robocath publicized today how it had successfully finished its first-ever robotic coronary angioplasties in Germany, with R-One™. Professor... Read more »

Does the Pentagon have a reasonable methodology for AI?

The potential for man-made reasoning in the military is tremendous, however, the Pentagon doesn’t have a sound methodology to utilize it. That is the end of a thorough examination by RAND, distributed... Read more »
mobile games

Unforgettable mobile games of the ending year

The 2019 top downloaded games included the hyper-casual title ‘ Fun Race 3D’ and’ Subway Surfers,’ which also became the decade’s most downloaded game. “This has been the year of online gaming... Read more »

Industry raises concerns about the data protection bill

Data is the new age currency, and those who control this data are the real central bankers to the technological world, a fact that many governments around the world have considered as... Read more »

The development of technical policy through tumultuous politic times

The UK has voted for their electorates, and the exit polls have predicted a landslide win for the conservatives led by Boris Johnson who has been a staunch advocate for Brexit where... Read more »
Cyber Security

Cyber Security Manager at ED&F Man solves their threat detection challenges

After a very minor security incident, ED&F Man, two centuries old trader and broker of commodities like coffee, sugar, animal feed, and molasses has chosen the Cognito network detection and response platform... Read more »

The benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles for the United States

In the presidential primary race, environmental policies are the order of the day because carbon pollution is a major global threat. Nonetheless, it is worth wondering if the proposals of the candidates... Read more »


Every one of the organizations run based on request and supply. Where there are more requests, the stock increments, and Vice Versa. Due to expanding interest for lightweight development materials for strength... Read more »
future technology products

Saudi chemical giant SABIC is betting heavily on India to create future technology products

Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC), the third largest chemical company in the world, is relying heavily on India for research and development and creating its future products for innovation. Some of the... Read more »