defense industry forum

Philippines, Japan enhance association in inaugural defense industry forum

Japan and the Philippines conducted, on Wednesday in Taguig City, their very first defense industry forum. The forum was intended to get a know-how of the extent of the defense equipment cooperation... Read more »
space elevator

‘Space elevator’ technology tested

A two-day test for a future space elevator linking Earth and a space station ended in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture, on Sunday. The test, the second of its kind, was organized by the... Read more »
Russian plane enters into the Japanese Airspace

Russian plane enters into the Japanese Airspace

A Russian military plane’s invasion into Japanese airspace a week ago is by all accounts seen by numerous Japanese government authorities as an endeavor, helped by China, to rattle the three-route coordinated... Read more »

Would the Airbus Still be able to run after the Brexit?

Airbus has noteworthy history and activities in the United Kingdom, going back to the production of the organization. Later political occasions notwithstanding, in particular the UK’s takeoff from the European Union, have... Read more »

Sourced Group boosts the Singapore Airlines’ journey to adopt the cloud technology

Sourced Group (Sourced), a worldwide IT counseling firm work in huge scale cloud changes, is satisfied to be locked in by Singapore Airlines (SIA) in its computerized change program. Working together with... Read more »

Japan and the US deepen their fighter jet technology talks

The Japanese Ministry of Defense (MoD) and the US government are deepening discussions in support of Japan’s programme to develop a platform to replace its Mitsubishi F-2 fighter aircraft, Jane’s understands. Discussions... Read more »

Meet first female business airline captain in Japan’s airline industry

Ari Fuji was at secondary school when she understood she needed to acquire her wings and become a pilot. In any case, experiencing childhood in Japan, where female pilots were to a... Read more »

UAE’s Air Arabia dispatches new in-flight excitement framework

SkyTime, which will enable travelers to livestream computerized content on cell phones, tablets or PCs, is presently accessible crosswise over Air Arabia’s escape. UAE-based ease transporter Air Arabia has declared the dispatch... Read more »

‘Air Taxis’ are aiming to increase safety to compete with commercial airlines

The new startup by air taxis ‘Volocopter’ will have an extraordinary and unparalleled level of safety. The company aims to initiate test flights in Singapore by the end of this year. Yesterday,... Read more »