University in Wales filling nursing school with even more Canadians

Shortage of nurses might be a crisis in New Brunswick, but a Wales’ university is seeing it as an opportunity.

This year, for the first time, Bangor University is accepting Canadian applicants for its three-year bachelor of nursing program.

Elizabeth Mason, Recruitment Director of health sciences for the University, said that they were hoping to be successful in recruiting the students to come to Wales for studying nursing.

Mason said that in England, there had been a twenty-five percent drop in the applications for nursing in the last two years.

The university has said that the recruitment is currently underway for a greater number Canadian students. While the university looked for applicants that had good grades, it was also looking for applicants who could use emotional intelligence like empathy for delivering person-centred care.

Mason said that it was not only about intelligence, but also looking at the qualities and values of individuals to see whether they were perfect for nursing or not.

Tuition for the students of New Brunswick will cost them almost twenty-six thousand Canadian dollars per year.

An adult lead of nursing course  for the university, Sian Davies said that any graduate who wished to return to Canada would have to face the same procedure of certification as the graduates of Canadian programs.

Davies said that they would be required to take an exam for their particular area of study, as you have to do in any of the nurse finishing programs in Canada.

And once the students graduate, they do not have to stay and practice in Wales. However, Mason said that she hoped some of the graduates would stay.