The $190 Billion IT and BPO Services in India Reel Under Covid-19 Pressure!

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Strong measures being implemented to cutoff hoarding and ensure sufficient supply of goods

  Highlight:- has shipped all the available toilet papers President Trump held a telephonic conversation with 30 key players in retail industries With the rising fear of coronavirus, people are going... Read more »

Is Defensive Mechanism an escape from duty?

Many times, a surgeon has to make tough decisions during surgeries. MIT economist pulled the curtain of the medical professionals that whether at the time of operation, they make decisions to run... Read more »

Corona: Cadbury Melts as Staff Temperatures go under Scanner

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Microglia is responsible for the recovery of Brain Injury

Parallel research to find out how brain injuries can be repaired is published. The University of Queensland, researchers have found a way to treat the brain by concentrating on the brain’s learning... Read more »

Content creators unhappy over the new demonetization wave of YouTube

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NHS Hospital is scoffed for its Coronavirus Isolation Pod

Highlights The NHS hospital in Lincoln County is scoffed by visitors The Isolation pod will be replaced soon The National Health Service is a healthcare system in England funded by the public.... Read more »

29th World Conference on Food and Beverages to be held in London

Highlights Latest developments in food technology and beverages production Detailed sessions on relevant aspects of food and beverages technology The 29th World Conference on Food and Beverages will be held in London... Read more »