Thailand joins hands with South Korea for e-bus development

An all-electric transport with the national banners of South Korea and Thailand printed next to each other sits on grounds of one of the national research colleges on the southern side of Bangkok.

The electric transport is a joint undertaking among Korea and Thailand drove mostly by Korean automaker Edison Motors, which as of now furnishes open vehicle administrations with eco-accommodating transports at Namsan in Seoul and on Jeju Island.

The undertaking includes 11 associations from the two sides, including Korea’s Industry Ministry and Korean Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning. The Thai side incorporates the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand and King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, where the transport is being tried.

“Edison – together with the Thai government and college – is trying whether its transport is appropriate for hot atmosphere and traffic clog like Bangkok,” said Kitchanon Ruangjirakit, a speaker in the division of mechanical designing at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi.

“We are together dealing with traffic information accumulation, models, vitality utilization and battery limit with Edison’s electric transport,” he said. They intend to impart the consequences of their exploration to the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority and the Ministry of Transport there, so the legislature can utilize the data in its future electric transport acquirement plans.

The pilot venture, which began in August a year ago, is in its last stage and is scheduled for culmination this year, as indicated by Ruangjirakit. Whenever complete, the transport will run 200 kilometers on a solitary charge. It utilizes a LG Chem battery.

The task, be that as it may, is just for research and not for business use. On the off chance that Edison needs to deliver electric transports in Bangkok, it needs to partake in an offering procedure. The Thai government intends to offer on 35 electric transports sooner rather than later. Edison is happy to join the offering, as indicated by the administration official.