Sales figures stabilize for Jaguar – Land Rover in the region

The sales figures of JLR have stabilized and are on a healthy trajectory in the Chinese region, space which brings one of the highest sales figures for the company and contributes to... Read more »

China’s Sinopec, Abu Dhabi’s state shareholder, and two Brazilian companies reach second round of bids for Petrobras refineries

Brazil’s government-controlled oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA has picked four bidding parties for the second round for four up-and-coming refineries, including China’s Sinopec, Abu Dhabi’s state shareholder, and two Brazilian companies, according... Read more »

Trump’s Huawei United States Security Chief: China’s policies to risk thousands of American jobs

The Trump administration is hurting American jobs and companies by blacklisting Chinese telecom giant Huawei on what it believes are risks to U.S. national security, the chief security officer of Huawei USA... Read more »
pork soars

Consumer Prices in China show a great increase due to pork soars over 100%

A multiplying of pork costs pushed China’s purchaser costs to an almost multi-year high in October, as Beijing’s residential difficulties strengthened in the midst of the easing back of the economy and... Read more »

Taimei nets $212m in fresh funding.

Taimei Technology, a Chinese cloud-based software package supplier that serves pharmaceutical firms and clinical analysis organizations (CROs), declared on Friday the completion of Series E and Series E+ rounds of finance at... Read more »
providing healthcare

A team of Chinese medical is providing healthcare in Rwanda

The relinquishment ceremony between the 19th and 20th Chinese medical groups was hung on Tuesday at the Chinese embassy in the national capital. The 19th China Medical Team primarily based at Kigali’s... Read more »
air pollution is Miscarriage

Another serious negative health effect of growing air pollution is Miscarriage in China

Researchers in China have found a significant link between pollution and the risk of miscarriage, in keeping with a replacement scientific paper discharged on Monday. While pollution has been connected to a... Read more »
Robot revolution

Robot revolution in China’s firework factories

Chinese pyrotechnic makers are a substitute for their human staff with robots equipped with up-to-date technology that was initially developed for the military. At some factories within the central province which is... Read more »

36 store Mor furniture to be acquired by Healthcare China for less

Healthcare Co., Ltd. has signed a letter of intent to accumulate 36-store Mor Furniture for less, the San Diego-based, one of the top 100 home furnishings merchandisers with calculable annual sales of... Read more »