Space robot to be developed by Russia and Japan

Russia and Japan might participate during a joint project on developing a space golem, Yevgeny Dudorov, the acting director of the humanoid Technology Company, that antecedently created a Russian humanlike golem Fedor, advised TASS.

“A team from Japan plans to go to United States to debate the prospects of doable cooperation. They’re asserting a joint golem development project, however it’s arduous to mention what’s going to happen in follow,” Dudorov noted.

The sides haven’t mentioned nevertheless whether or not the golem are developed to perform tasks at the International space platform (ISS) or in location, Dudorov added , noting that the Japanese specialists can come back to Russia in Dec.

He added that Korea had additionally offered to get together with Russia within the sphere of golem development, however, the perimeters haven’t united to a gathering nevertheless.

The golem Fedor (Final Experimental Demonstration Object analysis or FEDOR) was developed by humanoid Technology Company and therefore the advanced analysis Fund on a technical assignment from Russia’s Emergencies Ministry.

The golem was sent to perform tasks at the ISS from August 22 to September 7. Currently, the corporate is developing a golem (under the name of Teledroid) that will perform in outer space. The primary paradigm of Teledroid is anticipated by March-April 2020.