UK company partnerships with West Aurora education comes for $37,000 overseas trip

Shortly after four West Aurora school district 129 colleges were selected “underperforming” by the state, the district employed a United Kingdom-based education consulting group to figure in those colleges.

The partnership with the consulting company, difficult Learning, is meant to handle the culture of learning in West Aurora buildings, specializing in the approach academics teach and making students who are resilient and might handle challenges, district officers aforementioned. The price of the partnership for those 1st four colleges is predicted to be lined by state funds.

The partnership conjointly carried an extra expense: a roughly $37,000 trip for ten district educators to the UK to examine the company’s add action, got by district funds, a review of records by The Beacon-News showed.

In early Oct, 2 teams of school principals and district directors took four-day visits to England and Scotland. 2 directors stayed for 9 days, covering each.

There, every group visited 2 colleges that job with difficult Learning and control discussion sessions on what they’d seen, traveling with a representative from the corporate, records show. They saw the program in action and talked with principals collaborating, aforementioned Angie Smith, West Aurora assistant superintendent of operations and one of the directors on the trip.