The launch of XITE: A joint venture by partners, Zixi and Veset

An announcement was made today by the Zixi who is an industrial leader which enables reliable, lie aired-quality video over Internet protocol (IP) about their partnering up with Veset which is a cloud-based source for playing media etc, and solution provider gotten reached a new milestone by the launch of a new platform for music video i.e. XITE.

With the strength of being associated with Zixi, Veset can efficiently deliver safe and reliable live stream transmission at an airing quality globally in a way which is not only efficient but also secure, economical and also provides opportunities to the niche providers in order to deliver content at a larger scale. Till today, Zixi & Veset have launched channels for more than twenty clients worldwide. These channels include Fashion TV, GINX Esports, etc.

About the partnership with Zixi, the CEO of Veset, Igor Krol stated: “Zixi provides an essential technology for Veset as it enables a reliable broadcast grade, low-latency contribution of live content to our playouts in public or private clouds and then the distribution of 24/7 linear channels globally. We could not have achieved such success today if we had not established this partnership four years ago. While there has been a proliferation of various solutions in the market in the past few years, Zixi established itself as an industry standard which substantially reduced barriers to entry for innovative IP and cloud-native solutions like ours.”

Zixi’s Director or International Sales, Michael Poppler said: “The Zixi Platform is an enabler for new technology players like Veset to deliver end-to-end broadcast grade linear origination and distribution at lower operational cost and with unprecedented flexibility. We are excited to have achieved this new milestone with Veset and look forward to a further acceleration of transition of linear channel origination to the cloud.”