Malaysia to send back plastic waste to US, UK, Canada and Australia

Malaysia will return 3300 tonnes of contaminated plastic waste to origin countries, in a refusal to become a dumping ground for world’s trash. In last month five containers of waste were shipped to Spain.

Last year, China banned plastic waste imports as part of an initiative to clean up its environment. That move caused a ripple effect through global supply chains, as middlemen sought new destinations for their trash, including Malaysia.

Yeo Bee, Environment Minister of Malaysia said in Kuala Lampur on Tuesday that 10 containers of non-recyclable plastic waste are set to be shipped back within two weeks to several countries that smuggled the garbage by illegal processing facilities.

She further said that UK recycling company exported more than 50,000 metric tons (55,000 tons) of plastic waste in about 1,000 containers to Malaysia in last two years.

Yeo said China’s plastic waste ban had “opened up the eyes of the world to see that we have a huge garbage and recycling problem.”

Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines President said it would ship back dozens of containers of garbage which Filipino officials said were illegally shipped to the country from Canada in 2013 to 2014.

Yeo Bee said to citizens of rich nations, to sort their waste for recycling tediously, instead of dumping garbage illegally which caused health and environment hazards.

Yeo vowed to take action against Malaysian companies which illegally imported plastic, calling them “traitors to the country’s sustainability.”