The lead from Wall Street is cautiously optimistic as stocks

The Asian country stock exchange has rapt higher in six straight sessions, advancing virtually one hundred ten points or five.5 % on the means. The KOSPI currently rests simply higher than the... Read more »

Turkey has distinguished South Korea as one of the objective nations

Turkish business designation will start a two-day visit to South Korea today, where it will talk about the open doors for two-sided collaboration, interests in third nations, and reciprocal exchange unevenness. Turkey... Read more »


Enlarge this imagePat McCawley (left) and Eric Emerson glance at a drawing of the asylum built in Columbia, S.C., in the 1820s. Cooper McKim/South Carolina Public Radiohide captiontoggle... Read more »

Japanese electric material producers strikes South Korea with restrictions

Samsung’s South Korean semiconductor activities could be influenced by the fare controls. The Japanese government has forced controls on fares to South Korea of three classes of materials that are basic to... Read more »

EV batteries industry in Korea warned by the Chinese rivalry

South Korea’s electric vehicle battery industry has come under alert to defend their work force as Chinese rivals heavily court Korean engineers and researchers as competition in the secondary battery heads up... Read more »

Jorudan and Masabi bringing electronic mobile ticketing to Japan

In Japan, now more than 10 million can not only plan their journey but also they can easily book their seats and purchase Syoei tickets directly from the Jorudan’s Norikae Annai app.... Read more »