A year of revolt

It could have been a year of street protest in any of the dozens of countries for 2019. The Yellow Vest protest had already caused mayhem on roads and roundabouts throughout the... Read more »

Headcount of employees to remain stable amidst slowing sector returns

The automotive industry has been biting the dust for a long period of time owing to the policy changed by the government and not giving enough time for the industry to ratify... Read more »

$1.55 billion investment being made by Hyundai in Indonesia

Hyundai Motor from South Korea has signed a tentative agreement on the construction of new manufacture in Indonesia on Tuesday, its first car manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia and a crack in... Read more »


Technology is improving every day. And as days pass, the number of new entrants is increasing significantly. Many of these entrants include automakers. The automaking industry is thriving and moving forward very... Read more »
rural car sales

The Auto Industry of China finds ways for Boosting rural car sales

China’s automobile industry administrators met with government authorities throughout the end of the week to talk about approaches to advance higher vehicle deals in provincial regions, sources acquainted with the issue said.... Read more »

Can the capital tie up of Suzuki and Toyota give them a competitive advantage?

Developments of coalitions between carmakers have been growing further. Automobile makers are battling for survival in an industry that has been experiencing radical change because of the quickened advancement of cutting edge... Read more »
Battery industry in Korea

Battery industry in Korea increases their investment in China

Samsung SDI, LG Chem, and SK Innovation are extending interests in their electric vehicle (EV) battery organizations in China in anticipation of the Chinese government expelling an exchange boundary, industry authorities said... Read more »

Model 3 launched by Tesla launches in South Korea

Tesla has made the Model 3 accessible in South Korea and the vehicle could demonstrate extremely prominent gratitude to huge motivations bringing the cost down to as low as ~$26,000. The automaker... Read more »

The 13 thousandth robot manufactured by Dürr is all set for the General Motors in Korea

The 13,000th robot made by Dürr will move to another paint look for General Motors in Changwon in Korea. This is the principal establishment of the new Dürr robot age for GM.... Read more »