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Luxury portable toilets are the most convenient way to provide additional restroom facilities irrespective of the type of event that you are organizing. Usually, when we talk about these portable toilet units, most of us think of the basic model of portable toilets, which offers functionality but lacks the aesthetic appeal and wonder if it will downgrade the atmosphere of our event. If this is one of the concerns that pop up in your mind, you can simply check out the luxury portable toilet units. You will be pleasantly surprised by its features and the appeal these luxury portable toilets will provide for your event. These portable toilets are a popular choice for upscale outdoor parties, weddings, upscale outdoor corporate events or even upscale indoor parties. You can customize or add certain accessories to your luxury bathrooms to enhance the experience of your guests:


For events such as weddings or particular functions, the washroom is also used for grooming purposes. Several luxury portable toilet models will provide mirrors or give the buyers the optional facility of installing a mirror for their guests.


The hot or cold weather can make visiting the washroom an uncomfortable experience for the people attending your event. To address these concerns, the portable washroom providers provide optional facilities to install a heater or an air conditioning unit in the luxury portable toilet. This enables your guests to have a comfortable experience irrespective of the weather outside.


For corporate or local events that will be attended by families, having the feature of a baby changing table can come to the rescue of several mothers attending the event as it can save them from the hassles of the tedious task of holding and changing the baby at the same time. It can not only make attending the event a comfortable experience for the mothers, as well as their little ones but will also enable these mothers to comfortably clean it up after their own use.


A washroom is a personal space and privacy is an integral aspect of a guest’s comfort. The individuals using the restroom usually become conscious regarding their washroom sounds and a good way to cover those up and create an energetic, as well as positive atmosphere in the restroom for your guests is adding some music. It could be some quiet music or some perky songs in low volume.


Managing the luxurious portable toilets especially during long term events can be a difficult task. Even after regular maintenance and clean up certain guests might face issues that need to be addressed urgently to ensure that the washrooms are accessible to your guests at all points of time. Sometimes your guest may run out of toiletries and it is essential for someone to be present to address these issues. A concierge to manage these luxury washrooms and provide assistance to the guests can be a suitable for long term events. Keeping a concierge for the luxurious washroom can be beneficial to guests with special needs as they might require additional assistance to use the restroom.


If extravagance and aesthetic appeal are high on the list of your priorities, then accessorizing your luxurious portable restrooms with a glamorous red carpet and placing potted palm trees around the portable unit might be an appropriate option for you. It enhances the appearance of your luxury portable toilet units, which makes them easily visible and more accessible to your guests while enabling it to seamlessly fit into the atmosphere of your glitzy event.

Portable Toilets Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.87% from 2019 to 2027 with a significant demand from events industry and rising usage at construction sites, says Absolute Markets Insights.