What’s unique about Apple Watch

The iconic Apple Watch is worth a separate discussion. This gadget is a must-have for those who build the Apple ecosystem. They are costly, but Apple creates a fantastic synergy between all of its devices: they work flawlessly in conjunction and complement each other. Also, the watch has excellent monitoring of the owner’s biometrics, a bunch of convenient applications, high-quality components.

A small sin of the Apple Watch is poor autonomy outside other devices, but you need to understand in advance that this watch is required for the “apple” ecosystem. Otherwise, it is not interesting to use them, and you can get by with the accessory much cheaper.

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Why children’s smartwatches are popular

Children’s watches are a huge niche, models in which have approximately the same functionality. Moreover, most of them are manufactured in the same factory as part of OEM contracts. That is, the only difference is in design, secondary characteristics, and brand.

The functionality of children’s models is limited and is aimed at remote control of the child. You can call on this watch. Through it, you can eavesdrop on the child’s surroundings, track movements, and exchange messages. This specific gadget is usually taken for young children who go to the garden or first grade, start walking in the yard independently, and visit sections.

As is often the case with intelligent devices, several parental phobias are associated with children’s watches. And it is not unreasonable: it is hazardous if information about the child’s movements and routes is available to parents and potential intruders.

In this regard, it once became known that Chinese children’s watches did not store data well – there was no reliable protection on the servers. For the eavesdropping function, smartwatches for children are even banning from schools in Germany in 2017. True, the manufacturers claim that the security problems have now been entire resolves.

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What smartwatches will look like in the future

Despite the difficult start, the market for wearable smart devices looks towards universal functionality and adequate, although not low, cost. The production of specialized models will not go anywhere: for example, the extreme traveler Bear Grylls will not buy a “station wagon” – he needs something more serious. But for most users, the fitness abilities of the same Amazfit Stratos are enough.

Universal watches will be the most in-demand, but specialized models for children and sports will also remain. Perhaps the smartwatch market will become more boring – they all become more or less the same. For example, the main difference between the Amazfit GTS and the Amazfit GTR is that the former is thinner and with a larger screen, while the latter is thicker but lasts twice as long thanks to a larger battery. Most of the functions are similar since the same software works inside.

I am sure that everyone will benefit from this direction in developing wearable devices in the end. The progress will be much more interesting than in the smartphone market, where it all boiled down to the confrontation between Android and iOS. Many manufacturers will still offer a similar set of functions but implement them in different ways.

Universal watches will be the most in-demand, but specialized models for children and sports will also remain.

One manufacturer may have models in both laconic and sporty designs: for example, the Amazfit T-Rex looks brutal and are suitable for an active lifestyle.

How to choose a smartwatch

When you understand what a smartwatch is, its use, and its relevance, you can start choosing a gadget for yourself.

First of all, you need to focus on your smartphone. If this is an iPhone, spending on an Apple Watch makes sense – bonuses from the Apple ecosystem more than paying off the overpayment. Android smartphones, in turn, are compatible with any wearable device.

You don’t have to bother with the choice of processors. The operation of the interface is stable everywhere, and there are practically no severe differences in performance.

Pedometer and sleep monitoring are available even in inexpensive smartwatches.

The type of screen is essential: in most cases, an OLED matrix is ​​enough – this type of screen has colorful, realistic colors and is comfortable in sunny weather. If you are afraid of glare, take a closer look at models that use color E-Ink displays – that is, with electronic ink, like in readers. For example, the Amazfit Bip has it.

The most important thing is to understand how much functionality is need of all. Even the most inexpensive watches measure steps and sleep phases, but only top functional models can seriously help with training. The Amazfit Stratos will do just fine.

Fashionable design usually does not significantly affect the cost, but it severely limits some parameters. For example, a large battery cannot physically fit into a thin, stylish watch. You need to immediately decide what the future smartwatch will become – a fashion accessory or a training tool.

How to care for your smartwatch

Even if the device has a reasonable degree of water resistance, it is better not to wet the purchase unnecessarily. Especially if it has damage from an accidental impact. microcracks in the glass can destroy electronics. Do not check abnormal scenarios such as diving to great depths. The water pressure at a depth below 50 m will crush the electronics. Likewise with the sauna: high temperatures can damage the device.

Some Gorilla Glass screen protectors protect the screen from breaking, but they are successfully coveres with scratches. Other generations of these materials are not afraid of scratches, but they still die with a strong impact. There is no absolute protection, so it’s best to take care of your gadget.

All smartwatches are equippes with lithium-ion batteries, which are sensitive to deep discharge. It is better not to let the clock go to zero and charge it on time. Otherwise, one day, it will not turn on at all.

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