Website promotion yourself: step by step instructions

What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When entering a specific query into the search engine, it is necessary so that the user sees your site at the top of the SERP. The SERP is formes depands on search engine algorithms, so knowing their work will help make the resource as high as possible in the SERP.  

SEO is the way of optimizing a website for search engine algorithms.

The current state of the site

Usually, an SEO optimizer deals with all this: he analyzes the current state of the site, then selects a strategy for external and internal optimization and evaluates uncontrollable parameters, like the behavioral factor of visitors, and tries to improve them to the maximum. Thanks to SEO promotion, the number of visitors to the site increases its investment return. Therefore, optimization is essential to make the resource attractive to search engines, and they placed it higher in the search results and for users to study its content for a longer time.

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The principles of independent SEO website promotion

Specialists are often engages in SEO promotion, especially if the resource is significant and needs a faster result. However, with a certain level of perseverance and aspiration, you can master this knowledge yourself. Of course, becoming a specialist in this area will not work so quickly and without practice, but you can find out where to start promoting your site yourself.

It would be best to start with studying the site’s structure, the title, TheDigiLead  description, what levels are in headers, what a CMS is, and how to use them.

The main thing that is needes in this matter is desire. SEO is not a specialty you get at a university, so you don’t need to read many materials to master it. However, it will be best if you still strived to learn something new. Because SEO is not about “easy and simple” but about “hard and long.” The site’s structure, the title, description, what levels are in headings, what a CMS is, how to use them, and only then go directly to SEO.

Step # 1:

Develop a keyword-based structure

First, you need to use tools such as keyword search. Words that, AdWords KeyWord planner or others to select a list of keywords. divide them into groups, based on which to create a project structure. After that, you can create landing pages for keys.

Step # 2:

Determining the type of resource

Search robots use their algorithms to try to determine whether a project is commercial or purely informational. They need this to generate the search results because it is essential for them to that, with specific requests, the user sees the information he needs. If a person is looking for where to “buy an iPhone 7”, the PS will give him a list of online stores. where there will be reviews/reviews for this product. Therefore, when SEO optimization is essential. it is necessary to consider the type of site to focus on commercial or informational requests.

Step number 3:

Optimization of titles, title, description

The title is the main element of the post, indicated in the site snippet at issue. It should include the highest-frequency queries, preferably in a direct form. The description is the page description that is uses search engines to create a snippet. It must contain a unique description of the page, include keywords. Tags designate Headings from h1 to h6, intended to form the structure of the page. H1 must be the only one on the page, if possible, include the highest frequency request.

Step # 4:

Technical audit

These works are carries out to eliminate all technical errors .due to which the user does not want to stay on the resource for a long time. For example, if it takes a long time to load or has an inconvenient navigation system. the user will prefer to go to another, more convenient and comfortable site. A technical audit aims to identify these problems and fix them.

Step # 5:

create content

When you have keywords on hand, you can start writing articles or product descriptions. Therefore, it is important to take information that can obtain during the first stage. In addition, the type of site is also takes into account: for commercial resources, you need selling texts, informational. Blogs, or simply articles on the relevant topic that will be useful to users. At the first stage, you can write texts yourself and   SanDiego SEO Company  helps you. but later it is better to hire a separate person for this – a copywriter. It is only necessary to draw up a detailed technical task to indicate all the essential information.

Step # 6:

Link building

After the site is full with different is necessary to make internal and external links to link articles to each other (with internal) or with different resources (with external) using links. This is important not only to make it easier for the user to get the information he needs but also for search engines. which evaluate such parameters as the internal and external weight of the site.

If no links lead to the page, the search robot will consider. it unimportant and unnecessary for users to place it in the search results for this request below. It is right away that even though services sell external links (for example, Miralinks or Gogetlinks). it is better not to use them, as search engines do not like it. Naturalness is held in high esteem, which is confirmes the presence of a particular algorithm in google. Minusinsk, which lowers its position in the search results when it detects purchase SEO links. Posts can restore only after deleting them.

Step 7:


  If proceeding correctly, it is necessary to carry out analytics To know if the promotion. Some counters show the number of users who went to the site and special programs, where the visit time. The number of products viewed by the user is transitioning to other pages or their absence. Scrolls down to the end of the page, and so on is estimates. Thanks to this, you can understand whether the resource is attractive to people, affecting how search engines relate to it.

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