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In the b2b marketing sector, the company requires a buyer persona that helps them to know their audience in a better way. The persona is based on the data after complete research of buyer needs. It provides an understanding of buyer demands and buying triggers. It upgrades every other season when more features are introduced to a specific product. The persona helps in the sales of the firm and connects the corporation with the real clients. Buyer persona templates are used to make this function.

What are the questions a company asks to gather b2b customer persona that help professionally?

To collect the user’s information the b2b buyer persona examples are assembled by the firm. It helps the marketing team to check the customer traits that are interested in the product and business. They edit the templates and interview the clients with queries by looking into the data from internet related to the things they sell, For instance, questions defining their lives and personality.

  • Asking the name
  • The location where they current lives
  • Job
  • Education
  • Responsibilities
  • Pain
  • Background
  • Aims
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Goals
  • Family

The channels they would like to communicate through, how do they deal with the worries, how does our item solve their concerns, how are the returns on investment, and what kind of content is their preference?

The samples of templates used in b2b customer persona.

The templates that are used in buyer persona examples as, John being the Manager in the private digital marketing firm as a persona would be like,

Name: John Smith

Location or place: Madrid, Spain

Age: 37

Education: Master’s in marketing management.

Career: Manager of the private corporation.

Experience: 5 Years

Family: Two children

Marital status: Married

Behavior or personality: Thinker, Analytical, and Professional.

Communication channel: Social media blogs emails etc.

Sample #2 is Sarah being the head designer in the business magazine.

Name: Sarah Charles

Martial status: Single

Age: 35

Residence: Chicago, USA

Education: Bachelor in the design management.

Work history: Head of designing department in the business magazine.

Behavior: Soft-speaker and Bilingual.

Communication preference: Print media, email, and blogs.

Sample #3 is Steve as an entrepreneur in graphic designing enterprise.

Name: Steve Anderson

Work: Entrepreneur in the graphic designing firm.

Location: Manchester, England

Role: Graphic designer

Education: Bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Marital status: Single

Responsibilities: leading the enterprise,

Content preference: blogs, videos, email, magazines.

Differentiate between Buyer persona and User persona

The buyer persona and user persona are almost similar to each other as the work they perform is for the same purpose. The customer persona template has identical queries such as b2b persona examples. The buyer personas are sometimes product users. The buyers have higher aims to achieve since they can also be decision makers. The user persona are detailed oriented, and have a great influence on the company decisions. They are the helpers to the development team. For instance, in the b2b market, the developer makes the software while the user will utilize it. The buyer persona will be curious about the price and if the product is valuable, while the user persona is concerned about how effective the item is.


There are various types of buyer persona in the business nowadays that supports the corporations For instance, a buyer, user or customer persona.

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