Why do you need a mist for the face?

Dry skin ages faster; it is more prone to the development of inflammation, the appearance of facial wrinkles. That is why cosmetologists pay special attention to moisturizing. For this, many products, creams, masks are produced, but they all require preliminary procedures for cleansing the skin: quite another matter – mist. Let’s figure out what kind of tool, how to use it, and why you need a Mist.


Mist is also called haze or spray. From English, this word is translated as fog. It quite accurately conveys the consistency of this product. Mists are enclosed in a bottle with dispensers that spray the substance in the form of microscopic particles, forming the finest, effectively moisturizing haze on the face.


Haze is made based on water, thermal, spring, sea, or ordinary purified. The composition also includes valuable components. Usually this:

  • Plant extracts, especially aloe, which has a moisturizing effect, and green tea – the main antioxidant in cosmetology;
  • nourishing essential oils; hyaluronic acid;
  • collagen and elastin – these products are recommended for aging skin care;
  • allantoin – activates cell regeneration, has an anti-inflammatory effect.


 Instead of mist, some ladies prefer to use thermal water in bottles with a dispenser. The main differences between haze and it are composition and texture. Mist is gentle not only for moisturizing the skin. Depending on the design, it can have an anti-inflammatory effect, nourish and soothe the skin. When applying the mist, no water drops remain on the face (as with thermal water).

Another alternative to the mist is hydrolases. Under this name, aromatic water is sold, which is made by distilling plants. Natural remedies are rarely found in the store, and such cosmetics may have a shelf life of no more than two weeks. Hydrolates from the mass market is significantly inferior to Mists in quality and valuable properties.


The effect of using the mist depends on its composition, but in general, it allows you to get the following result:

  • Quickly moisturize the skin to relieve tightness, relieves flaking with constant use.
  • In case of rashes and minor inflammations on the face, the mist will help dry slight flight edema of the problem areas. When used, the finest film is formed on the front. It is entirely invisible but protects sensitive skin from germs and dust.
  • If the skin is excessive sebum production, which gives an oily sheen, the haze will help normalize the sebaceous glands and narrow the pores. The effect is evident in hot weather.
  •   They reduce the depth of wrinkles and activate tissue regeneration.
  • Nutrition. Due to the content of active ingredients, most saturates the skin with vitamins, and valuable microelements, products based on thermal water are rich in minerals.


 Use mist to moisturize the skin, fight fatigue, dull complexion. Allows you to freshen up your makeup quickly. The haze has a matting and cooling effect. In the summer, it is simply irreplaceable.

 It is not valid. In winter, the air in the premises is dehydrated due to heating systems, which leads to rapid dehydration. Myst allows you to fight him effectively.

Another function of the mist is to fix the makeup. However, this can not be done by all means. Setting mist is marked as “fixing spray.” They usually contain glycerin. The formula of this substance contains three water molecules. As a result, it has a moisturizing effect, and glycerin can even attract water from the environment.

Haze can be part of your daily care routine. If the bottle is marked “moisturizer,” – the main task of such a product is to moisturize. You can use it after applying the cream. If it is labeled “essence mist,” then the mist can be used as a toner. The product is applied before the cream, in which case it will enhance the effect of the active ingredients.

Mist can use for any skin type. Best of all, of course, it is suitable for dry. The haze quickly moisturizes, nourishes, and saturates with microelements (depending on the composition). For dry skin, this remedy is irreplaceable.

Mists are also needed to care for oily skin. They allow you to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and narrow pores, remove oily sheen. Since they are consist of natural ingredients, they are great for sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions.


Using mist is very simple. Remember to cover your eyes and mouth with your hand. Another method involves spraying haze at a certain distance from yourself, after which you need to go through the resulting “cloud” with your eyes closed. 

 Good haze does not leave water droplets on the face. If you still feel wet, distribute the moisture by running your fingertips along the massage lines.