Buy 5 in 1 cat cleaning wipes for your pet!

cat cleaning wipes

Only pet owners have an idea about how much difficult a grooming session can be. Most cats like to groom themselves and do not want their owners to interfere in any possible way. Those who have kittens or senior/disabled cats as their pets might know the importance of having these cleaning wipes at hand. However, a problem that is commonly faced by the pet owners who clean their cats with such kinds of wipes is that not all of them are for multi-purpose use. Meaning that for cleaning the private and sensitive parts such as the eyes, you need to have specific kinds of wipes that are only designed for this purpose. We know that one cannot clean their cat’s eyes with harsh chemicals to reduce any chances of allergies or other stuff like that. For these reasons, 5-in-1 cat cleaning wipes are manufactured. 

Grooming wasn’t easier with these cat cleaning wipes

The main purpose of buying these 5 in 1 cleaning products for your pets is that they make the grooming alot easier. Not everyone has the time to spend hours and hours on their cat’s grooming every alternate day, as this can get frustrating at times. So, with these wipes in hand, you can clean your cat easily and that too in a lesser amount of time. Ideally, you might be aware that when you do not go for 5 in 1 cat wipes, then you need to buy these wipes for five different reasons that are: 

  • Ear wipes
  • Eye wipes
  • Facial wipes
  • Grooming wipes
  • And paw wipes

Cat bath wipes are scented

The other great thing about these wipes is that they are scented. Tired of smelling your cat’s poop right after they came out of the litter box? No problem! That is where the cat wipes come in handy. You can choose these cleaning wipes in any scent you prefer, and immediately cleaning your cat with them will solve the problem of your cat smelling. You can find a huge variety of these scents in the wipes. There are aloe vera scented wipes in the market, baby powder scented wipes, lavender and lemon-scented, and so many more. Also, if your cat is allergic to scents, you can go for non-scented wipes. These are specifically made by keeping in mind that cats sensitive to scent. 

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Cat cleaning wipes are dermatologically tested

The last thing that you need to worry about is your pet cleaning wipes not being dermatologically tested. Some people prefer to just clean their pets with wipes instead of giving them baths, whereas others prefer to use wipes in between the bath sessions. Whatever the situation might be in your case, you need to buy dermatologically tested wipes. If your cat faces some sort of skin condition such as fleas, itchy skin, or other skin allergies, using such wipes becomes necessary. Because if you are not giving a bath to your cat, then you need cleaning wipes to get the job done for you. If you have a hard time finding safe and dermatologically tested cleaning wipes for your pet, we recommend checking out IVS Pets. They have quite a collection of cat cleaning wipes from which you can choose.  

5-in-1 pet wipes are environment friendly

And the last thing that would convince you to buy these wipes for your pet is that these wipes are a lot safer for the environment. Firstly because a single wipe is being used for most cat grooming, and secondly because they are degradable. Hopefully, now you have a solid reason of why you should go for the 5-in-1 wipes. 

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