Boyfriend Prom Suit – 2021 Fashion Trends

Boyfriend Prom Suit

Graduation from a university or school marks the end of a crucial stage in one’s life. It is very important to plan ahead of time for such an event, including final words of thanks to professors, well wishes to friends, and, of course, a costume.

Features and Benefits

A suit for a young man should be perfect because his image will remain in the photographs of each of his classmates. The unfashionable and ridiculous costumes are etched into the memory and associated with a specific person.  

You can also choose an outfit for a prom from individual wardrobe items. However, the suit’s advantages are obvious:

  • combination of fabric textures;
  • exact fit into the image of all elements of the wardrobe;
  • the ability to combine costume elements with other things;
  • the ability to wear a suit for prom and other significant events;
  • presentability.

Indeed, a quality suit is harmonious. The trousers go well with the jacket, which is precisely the same length as the top. Only experienced stylists can choose individual things on their own in such an organic way, which means, discard thoughts of saving because graduation is very significant.

Fashion trends

 Prom costumes are diverse today. For example, a three-piece suit, a jacket, and trousers complemented by a stylish vest will become a fashionable solution. The bow turns out to be contoured and sharp. Besides, it is also convenient because, during incendiary dances, you can take off your jacket and remain in such a personal and luxurious image.

 . A fitted jacket and straight-cut trousers are a trendy look at all times. Do you find it boring? Then feel free to choose models with a bright jacket lining, for example, a gray jacket with a lilac lining – a fresh trend of the season. Single-breasted with a narrow collar and double-breasted jackets will look harmonious in the classics. Young people accustomed to surprise and be the center of attention cannot do without a tailcoat or tuxedo in black at the prom. Metallic brown, beige, and blue tones will also organically fit into this original and very solemn wardrobe.

The classic prom costume has taken on new trends this season. So, famous couturiers presented suits with a low crotch seam of trousers. This image looks more free and bold.

Fashionable collections were not without jackets with patches. For a more organic and solemn look, choose similar models with matching colors in the patch and trim on the edge of the pocket.

As you know, the classics are suitable for everyone. However, you are not interesting for everyone. When looking for something different, take a look at modern prom suits. Their colors play on contrasts. For example, the white jacket is finished with black thread. A shirt in styles may resemble a polo shirt from a sports style, and trousers can only reach ankle length and knee-length in summer versions.

How to choose

So, if the shape and style of the future costume have been determined, it is time to outline the selection criteria.

First, a good Prom Suit must fit. It is not difficult to check this. It is enough to make sure that the shoulder line of the jacket coincides with your shoulder. Also, buttoned-up buttons should not bulge.

There are events when the top and bottom of the suit sit on the figure in different ways. For example, the trousers fall at the right time, but the jacket seems to be taken off someone else’s shoulder. Remember that modern stores will always put together a set of tops and bottoms in different sizes. If the uniqueness of the silhouette does not allow you to choose an option that fits well with your figure, go to the studio.

What to wear with

A good suit requires a careful selection of the shirt. Of course, the white dress model will always look advantageous with any color palette of the suit. In addition to off-white, pale blue and pink shirts are suitable for a black and gray Prom Suit. A unique and stylish addition to the gray suit will be the purple and black tone of the shirt. It is worth saying that ivory and blue are in harmony in all forms. So, a white silk suit with a blue shirt will also be a stylish solution.

We select shoes and accessories.

Men’s prom shoes should be chosen with the same care as women’s ones because you have to walk and dance in them all day long.

Classic models remain a win-win option, but trendy loafers are also suitable for modern style in suits. Classic black is excellent in contemporary silhouettes. Tapered trousers and a fitted jacket, complemented by a pale pink shirt, create a presentable look.

In short, it’s our apprentice and dressing sense that makes us different from others.

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