With a sleep deficit, the duration and frequency of disturbances are looks.

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Is it true that in adolescence, there is a shift in the regime towards the owl?

Children sleep more than adults. In adolescence, the regime shifts more and more to a later time. And in the process of growing up about 20 years, there will be a rollback towards an earlier rise.

  1. Causes of sleep disorders

Humanity as a whole sleeps less than 50-70 years ago. 

There may be many psychological disorders associated with this. Unclear. But people also work less:

We used to sleep more and worked more. Now we work less and are sleepless. This could be due to lighting.

Illumination from North America: The

The amount of light has increased. Many sleep doctors believe that the main reason for sleep deprivation is the light bulb. The more light around you, the more likely you are to earn sleep deprivation. 

The data of the already defunct Jawbone:

Their statistics showed that the residents of Moscow:

  • sleep 6 hours 42 minutes on average.
  • go to bed later than everyone else in the country
  • get up later than everyone else in the country
  • there is not a single moment when in general, all residents are asleep
  • social jetlag always appeared on average during the weekend
  • during the New Year holidays, many do not sleep for several days

Social media is an indirect indicator of sleep disorders.

How active users are in the evening on social networks:

Lifestyle and sleep habits affect sleep more than work:

But the data above is a questionnaire. This is just the opinion of people.

Separately Russian statistics:

Does the smartphone night mode work? (warmer colors)

I used to recommend it to everyone. But a study came out that says the effectiveness of this regimen is 60%. So, this mode will not extinguish all the radiation harm to the eyes before going to bed.

Somnologists have three pairs of glasses. Solar – so that when traveling, light does not fall on the retina. Glasses for light therapy – to shine in the eyes in the morning and wake up. And orange, so that the computer screen in the evening does not significantly interfere with falling asleep at night. 

In general, the blue-white spectrum is the most undesirable for melatonin.

What is the most common sleep disorder?

If we are talking about a revision of a berth, then the most common reason is light. 

If we are discussing visiting a somnologist, men come with snoring because their women complain about it. And women with insomnia. At the same time, men more often suffer from problems but less often turn to, and women more often turn, but less often suffer. 

Normal sleep

Criteria for normal sleep for adults:

There should be no waking at night, including going to the toilet. In men, these risks increase by 10% every 10 years,

. |So that by the age of 90, almost everyone goes to the toilet at least once a night. 

If you feel the need for daytime sleep – think about the reasons. Often this is poor quality sleep at night, a painful condition, increased cognitive or physical activity. 

It would help if you slept 8 hours. 8 hours is the norm for everyone (no)

Where did 8 hours come? Sleep studies have shown that this figure is most often correlated with the highest levels of well-being. If you feel healthy and happy with less sleep, that’s okay. 

Jumping out of bed right away is not entirely correct. There is a concept of “sleep inertia” – the body needs some time to go into normal functioning completely.

Washing with cold water, bright light, and coffee helps to cope with the inertia of sleep most quickly.

You can see the peak and trough hours of the average pigeon’s activity in the chart above.

  1. Sleep analysis

The first point from which any patient of a somnologist begins is a sleep diary. It is necessary to fill in at least two weeks to capture the social jetlag.

Gadgets. The most accurate non-medical device will show sleep stages with 80% accuracy.

Sleep stages according to the new classification are now 4:


  • Stage 1 – about 15 minutes
  • Stage 2 – about 50 minutes 


  • Stage 3 – 20-25


  • Dreaming stage (REM stage) – 20-25 minutes

Most trackers now quite accurately determine the beginning and end of slee p, although trackers 5 years ago were often mistaken by 1.5-2 hours.

Many people love the Oura ring because of the convenience of the gadget, but its accuracy is no more than 60%,

one of the less sensitive gadgets.

Many people experience a jump in skin resistance when falling asleep – many gadgets rely on this parameter, only this does not happen for everyone. If this parameter is the only one for the device, sleep data is lost. You can also see the pulse. And movement. This is all that is available to the ring.

For hoops worn on the head, the error appears because the head is spinning separately from the body – the head is on its side, the body is on the stomach. It is assumed that during dreams, there are no movements other than eye movements. This is even sewn into the definition of the stage of “rapid eye movements.”

Any non-medical device has too few channels compared to the same polysomnography. It requires 14 sensors according to the classification of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The most sophisticated gadget will have 6-7 sensors.

That slip trackers will likely increase their accuracy not by increasing contact with the human body but due to the accuracy of the algorithms. 

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