World record holding mountaineer Apa Sherpa becomes a part of Celebrity Speakers Bureau

Bruce Merrin’s Celebrity Speakers Bureau has decided to host world record hiker and motivating Apa Sherpa speaker for global performances, including corporate events and conferences, gatherings, retreats, lectures, workshops, and more.

“Sherpa,” the indigenous Himalayan ethnic group that shares his last name, lives on the border between Nepal and Tibet and is known for its climbing skills. While having served international adventure travellers in what often seems to be a supporting role, Nepal’s Sherpa guides are unique models of real leadership. Perhaps the most outstanding and well-known among them is Apa Sherpa, who held 13 world records for Everest conference.

Sherpa shares his unique perspective on leadership in his captivating keynote address, “A 30,000-Foot Vision of Leadership,” learned from his 25 years of guiding expeditions and his 21 ascents to the highest peak in the world, four of them without the use of supplemental oxygen. Using amazing photos and thrilling observations from his many climbs, Sherpa can bring new life into the principles of leadership— focused on mission, risk-taking and decision-making, logistics and teamwork, sacrifice and setbacks, and, of course, victory.

Sherpa has led his teams to amazing success by adhering to a simple philosophy that, “Everest will always be there,” and having all team members safe is more important.

A climate-for-life ambassador, Apa Sherpa was the recipient of the coveted “Leaders for a Living Earth” award from the World Wildlife Fund. In 2010, he established the Apa Sherpa Foundation to support educational projects and institutes in Nepal’s Khumbu Valley, whose mission is to empower people around the world to follow in his footsteps of defying the odds. Without training, becoming a guide is his native village’s only profitable means of survival. “We have no alternative without an education,” Sherpa said.