• Air crafts retired by the US airlines.

The US Airline industry have repeatedly being hit by the industry shocks. First the 9/11 attacks had precipitated a decade of the industry bankruptcies and then the 2008 recession for the mega mergers that formed the carriers that we know today and now the novel corona virus pandemic is the latest one to hit the US airline industry.

The corona virus fear among the people has dramatically reduced the travel demand in the country. Almost every U.S. airline is facing a downfall because of the fear of the corona virus downturn. Mostly every major US airlines like Delta Air lines and the United Airlines are going to cut capacity through the month of May and if not than through summer.

The Delta Air Lines and the United Airlines has reported that the new bookings are down by at least 25% as compared to last year due to the fear of the corona virus COVID19. The corporations are also opting to keep the people at home rather going out has also reduced the bookings of the air crafts.

The U.S. airlines closed some older air crafts and streamline around the Airbus or the Boeing families.

Continental Airlines also retired the Douglas DC-10s and also many of its McDonnell Douglas MD-80s by accelerating the already underway shift to an all-Boeing fleet.

The US Airways also retired its Boeing 737-200s and the Fokker F-100s and MD-80s because the US airways is now has its focus on moving to Airbus types.