UK Labor party rejects campaign for remaining in European Union

UK Labor party rejects campaign for remaining in European Union

On Monday, the opposition Labor Party of Britain landed into chaos as it narrowly rejected an attempt for forcing the leader Jeremy Corbyn to campaign for remaining in the European Union and reversing the outcome of the Brexit vote of 2016.

Opinion polls have shown the efforts of Corbyn for uniting the two by either postponing a decision on the departure or by putting it in the hands of voters in an early election that will lead to a dramatic drop in their support. But forcing the party to campaign enthusiastically for a public vote and for staying in the European Union in that referendum was also lost in the show of hands vote that seemed too close to call to a lot of people watching in the hall.

The chair of the congress, Wendy Nicholls, surveyed the hands of around twelve hundred delegates that were gathered in a hall in Brighton and then said that in her opinion, it was carried. However, she corrected herself only a moment later saying that it was lost. She dismissed the pleas of a pro-European Union Delegate who got on the stage demanding a recount.

The results were a victory for the veteran socialist Corbyn who was the official leader of the opposition of Britain since the year 2015 and a painful blow for the leaders who have broken ranks and have tried to turn Labor into a pro-European party.

The foreign affairs spokeswoman of Labor, Emily Thornberry said in an impassioned address that we have to fight with all our potential from between now to October 31st and also after that if there was a general election, any terms of departure from any government would have to go back to the British public for the final decision.