Global Biz Summit held on 7th March 2020 attended by many dignitaries, included our Hon. PM Narendra Modi. The theme of Global Business Summit 2020 was ‘Collaborate to Create: Sustainable Growth in a Fractured World.’ PM addressed by saying that the vision ‘Collaborate to Create is need of the day and the foundation stone of the future. He added, “The idea of ​​Collaborate To Create is as old as it is relevant.”

He said the new difficulties emerge now and then in front of the world, which strengthens the spirit of ‘Collaborate to Create.’ The latest problem across the world is Coronavirus (Covid-19).  “We have to face this challenge together and emerge victorious with the resolving power of Collaborate to Create,” he added.

He pointed out that there was a time when few people of a particular class ruled the world by predicting the future of it. But, the developmental changes due to technological advancements and transparency in communication, every person has the right to voice their opinions.

There are two paths always to follow – either to walk in the same way as of the previous generations or to carve our path. He implied, he chose the second option and prioritized his countrymen in his every decision. Modi said speaking the truth will not harm anything but may disrupt a few people’ s Status Quo.

He opened up about the people in opposition to CAA and said contrastingly those who preach for refugee rights to the world, oppose CAA, likewise, those crying about the constitutional rights oppose the implementation of the constitution in the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

He listed down all the actions taken by the government to eradicate old convenient methods adopted by previous governments. Implementation of RERA legislation, Insolvency, and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), Mudra Scheme, creating a post for Chief of Defense and allotting 10% reservation for poor and unprivileged.

Since 2014, he said, “India is creating a model of sustainable growth, which is beneficial for the whole world. 21st century India is learning a lot and is equally ready to benefit the development of the people of the country.”

He briefed about the government undertakings and concluded by a quote of Mahatma Gandhi, “I want the rise of India so that the whole world can benefit from it.”