The development of technical policy through tumultuous politic times

The UK has voted for their electorates, and the exit polls have predicted a landslide win for the conservatives led by Boris Johnson who has been a staunch advocate for Brexit where Britain is poised to leave the European Union, and the deadlines have been extended for some time now to incorporate a deal, but that policy of playing ball hasn’t been fruitful to either sides of the aisle who have had several rounds of negotiations without the outcome of a penny in absolute terms and have only resulted in speculations and prejudices being built in the region with the dementia-tic problems being faced by the technical and the technological policy routines that have turned themselves into the pivotal area of development for the fight against climate change and the development of green technology.

The uncertain rules that have been in the governing picture for funding and that of the policy interventions to guide the principle light of development have been missing from the political establishments of the region, and this has put the technology policy in jeopardy and has laced the players with a fragile sense of involvement strapping their backs onto the bedrocks of science and not displaying the dis-content that they have with the changing times as this would hamper their growth potential for the long term. The judgment of the policy advisors to the governing councils has been bearing fruit in the European commission’s outreach for the scientific community, but the reciprocation hasn’t been established as the times are politically tumultuous to burn one end of the stick just to find the other end was as bad.