The body of a young was found in Wyoming: Gabby Petit

The body of a young was found in Wyoming: Gabby Petit

The FBI thinks it’s Gabby Petito, the blogger whose disappearance the Internet is investigating.

The FBI put Gabby’s fiancé on the wanted list – he travelled with her around the country in a van but returned home alone. Finding the body has helped by YouTuber who noticed the car in his travel video.

On September 19, the FBI announced that it had found the remains of a young girl in Wyoming National Park, whose description matches that of Gabrielle (Gabby) Petito. After she disappeared in late August, they searched for her after a road trip across the country with her fiancé Brian Londry.

Petito contacted her family.

The last time 22-year-old Petito contacted her family was at the end of August in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park. After that, Londri returned to their familiar home alone, refusing to tell the police and the bride’s family where Gabby had gone. The case has received a massive response on the network. The disappearance of Petito has been discussed to the whole country. On the forums, amateur detectives investigated the case, and Gabby’s accounts gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Therefore we wrote at length about the beginning of the story. If you do not want to read the material in total, there will be a short retelling below. If you with the case, skip to the next part of the text.

What is Gabby Petito’s case, and why did it take over the Internet

Gabby Petito and Brian Londry are a couple of bloggers who travelled across the United States in a van, documenting their lives in detail on social media. Their movements are on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.and in all their posts, they showed only the “perfect” picture and said how happy they were to “wander” and spend time together in a mobile home.

The couple began their journey in early July and were fine for almost two months. But after August 25, Gabby stopped communicating with her family, and on September 1, Brian returned home alone. He refused to say anything to the police and journalists – the lawyer explained this because he would use his client’s word for accusations.

Large-scale searches began only on September 10

Large-scale searches began only on September 10. Furthermore, it turned out that the couple was far from perfect during the trip: police in Utah said that they came to them on August 12 to call them about “domestic violence”. Brian and Gabrielle fought hard, and it came to assault. They admitted that the conflict had been escalating for several days but said they had made up. The officers insisted that the couple spend the night separately, after which they left.

Charges against Londri

The police did not bring charges against Londri, but the girl’s family and the Internet began to talk about his role in Petito’s disappearance. He started to receive thousands of messages on social networks like “Where is Gabby, Brian? What have you done with her?” And a section appeared on Reddit where you can take part in the investigation of the case – almost 90 thousand subscribers collect a picture of events from fragmentary and “happy” posts on social networks.

An autopsy will reports. 

 The identity of the girl has establishing using photographs, “personal identification”, or DNA. In addition, an autopsy will reveal the cause of death. The FBI has emphasized that the connection of the found body has not yet completely connected with the disappearance of Gabby Petito but has already brought condolences to the girl’s family and friends.

Agents have also declared wanted by Brian Landry, who was with her on the trip. Before that, the term “Person of Interest” has applied to him, similar to the “suspect”, but still different. This is the name for people with an unclear status who can either involving in committing a crime or being a witness.

The status has no legal force, and the police did not receive permission to arrest or search London’s house and could not control his movements. As a result, on September 17, after the widespread publicity of the case. On the Internet, he disappeared – now the Florida police and the FBI are looking for him. Also read about hotspring

Internet investigators

Internet investigators believe they had a hand in the search for Petito’s body. The day before, a post appeared on Reddit about a YouTuber who was in the same park in Wyoming as Gabrielle and Brian at the end of August. The blogger, while editing the video, noticed a white van, according to the description, similar to the couple’s car. After that, he shared information with the police.

The Internet is incredible. Youtuber spotted Gabby and Brian’s van while editing the video. The police combed the area and unfortunately (and fortunately for the investigation) found a body. This is a needle in a haystack find on the Internet.

The disappearance of Gabby Petito is a resonant case for the American Internet. In TikTok, videos on the hashtag #gabbypetito gained almost half a billion views. The couple’s YouTube video will sort it into frames in search of clues, has watched three million times. In social networks, users write condolences to Gabby’s family and loved ones and also demand justice. On Instagram, 800 thousand people subscribed to Petito. 

Murderer of gabby

Gabby Petito has killed by a guy with whom she felt safe. Now he’s on the run. I talked about it from the first day, while others were over-analyzing the situation, comparing it to the movie “Gone Girl” or making her an aggressor. She was a victim. This is not a very difficult matter.

 Domestic violence happens even in the happiest relationships

Suppose Gabby Petito’s story should teach us anything. In that case, it’s this: Domestic violence happens even in the most comfortable relationships, the work of keeping women safe still has a long way to go, and social media is deceiving and phoney. Rest in Peace Gabby

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