Tesla likely to set up next Gigafactory on US Soil

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk in a light-hearted banter said that Tesla is looking to build a Cyber truck which he compared in essence to being the most kick-ass pick-up truck. Late Tuesday, Elon Musk tweeted with a hint about the place where the next Gigafactory will be located. Gigafactory is the name of all Tesla car plants as fondly recalled.

A source in the know-how alluded to Nashville being the location chosen, but also stressed that it was a tad too early to come up with names and it is better to play the wait and watch game. There is clearly no timeline as to when the company will choose a location.

Musk also said that the factory would help with MODEL Y SUV make for East Coast Timelines. Model Y is the upcoming nifty SUV with a price tag of approximately $40, 000 that outsmarts the 80000 Model X SUV in low-price category.

Nashville makes proper sense for manufacturing of TESLA EV factory too. The reason it is so is due to Nashville being a nucleus for batteries and electric vehicles. Both Volkswagen and Nissan have their valuable funds invested in manufacturing plants over at Nashville. Musk pointed out that being close to the East Coast does a world of good to it.

TESLA had done building the manufacturing unit Gigafactory at Shanghai last year and hit the ground running with a German manufacturing plant early on this year. The Tennessee factory would be the third installment in the company of factories in Nevada and Fremont, CA.