TELUS  – Mobile Clinic To Support critical and Vulnerable supporters


Today, with the launch of a new Ottawa Inner City Health mobile clinic, supported by TELUS Health in collaboration with Ottawa Inner City Health, Ottawa Public Health, the Royal, the Sandy Hill Community Health Center, and the Somerset West Community Health Center, TELUS confirmed its intention to extend the groundbreaking Health for initiative. The Mobile Clinic, a custom modified wheel clinic, will offer critical physical health and mental health services directly to under-served Citizens through electronic records.

Such state-of-the-art Mobile Health Clinics, which are already operating in Montreal Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary, work in areas with a need for early treatment and are a critical connection between the patient and the local health agency. This helps to remove many of the obstacles to medical care for People on the highways. TELUS Health Mobile Health Clinics will help more than 20,000 medical visits each year nationally, first launched with Doctors of the World in 2014.

Estimates show that in a single year, 235,000 people are homeless in Canada. We usually lack a documented history of practice that medical practitioners may point to. Such programs support those who do not navigate mainstream hospitals quickly and are in desperate need of increased continuity of care.

The virtual health clinics are fitted with electronic health record technology (EMR) from TELUS Health and Wi-Fi connectivity from TELUS LTE. Physicians are able to collect and store data, track results over time and provide patients with unreported medical history for greater continuity of care. There are two major areas in the clinic: the first for medical and nursing care; the second with an examination table and a workstation for healthcare workers providing basic healthcare, and routine testing, contraceptives, STI medication, hazard-reducing programs, mental health and counselling.