US and Brazil to work together for advancement of defense technology

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Principles for the United States-India strategic partnership

As the head of the states of independent and lively democracies, President Trump and Prime Minister Modi declared to fortify a United States-India Complete Universal Strategic Partnership. They vowed to strengthen defense... Read more »

Economy continues to suffer miserably under Trump

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“Charging Trump was not an option,” says US Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller said on Wednesday that accusing Donald Trump of a wrong doing of block was impossible on account of Justice Department approach not to prosecute a sitting president. “Under... Read more »

Trump Finds Warm Reception In Japan and Asia

In Europe, Mr Donald Trump’s associations with pioneers territory from tepid to threatening. However, in Asia, like never before, the US president is finding that he’s among companions. During an era that... Read more »

Japan business leaders Meet Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump, who touched base in Tokyo on Saturday as the main state visitor in the Reiwa period, encouraged Japanese business pioneers to expand their interest in the United States.... Read more »