Singapore healthcare rivalry

Not long ago, the CCCS raised challenge worries that the merger of the two labs would significantly lessen rivalry in Singapore advertise for IVD tests. To address the CCCS’s opposition concerns, PAH... Read more »
Autonomous vessel technology

Autonomous vessel technology in Singapore to be developed by ABB

Autonomous vessel operations are regular to start within the Port of Singapore at the top of 2020 following a landmark deal. ABB, together with Keppel Marine and Deepwater Technology (KMDTech), can together... Read more »

Preventive efforts for better cardiovascular health by Singapore

Singapore prevention and cardiac Rehabilitation conference 2019 was conducted recently in Singapore to handle the rise in the burden of cardiovascular diseases, to strengthen specialize in preventive efforts for higher cardiovascular health,... Read more »
healthcare schemes

A new set of healthcare schemes in Singapore

Singapore’s voters will presently get pleasure from more substantial aid subsidies, further polyclinics, and a much better aid package for individuals in their 60s, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced throughout the... Read more »

New healthcare schemes for Singapore

Singapore’s voters can currently get pleasure from larger aid subsidies, additional polyclinics and a far better aid package for people in their 60s, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong proclaimed throughout the country’s... Read more »
MBA jobs

Huge opportunities for MBA jobs in Singapore

Singapore is one in all the fastest growing technical school markets in the world. It is home to 3 imaginary creature startups and alone is answerable for 1/4 of total technical school... Read more »

Singapore learns from Japan

Japan’s aging society has key lessons for Singapore, which is able to equally face a greying society in 15 years, aforementioned Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday. Speaking at a dialogue to... Read more »
Key spotlights on the health care of the world

Key spotlights on the health care of the world

The master plan behind the redesigning of the Freiburg’s university hospital is basically a reinterpretation of their existing site. This new Interdisciplinary Tumour Center is the first initiative in the expansion of... Read more »
Teams collaborate

Singaporean and Indian Teams collaborate in a second joint hackathon

The teams from India and Singapore competed against one another last year at the inaugural Singapore-India Joint Hackathon. In yesterday’s edition, students from both the countries were seen working along in Chennai.... Read more »