Headcount of employees to remain stable amidst slowing sector returns

The automotive industry has been biting the dust for a long period of time owing to the policy changed by the government and not giving enough time for the industry to ratify... Read more »

European automotive industry warns of ‘catastrophic’ consequences of ‘no-deal’ Brexit

On Monday, the major automotive trade groups of Europe have joined forces for warning about the terrible consequences of having a “no-deal” Brexit. Industry groups throughout Europe along with twenty-one national auto... Read more »

Automotive industry could revive if there’s a cut in the GST

A mix of different variables has harmed car deals in India and quick government intercession as GST rate cut can help bring back development to the business, as per Hyundai Motor India... Read more »

Great Times For the Automotive Industry

Southeast Asia is quick getting to be a standout amongst the most unique and industrialized areas on the planet. Adding to this fast pace being developed is a developing vehicle advertise driven... Read more »

An announcement by the Ford Motor about their new CFO

Tim Stone, who is currently Snap Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and previously worked at Amazon.com as an executive will now take the spot of Bob Shanks who is currently the CFO... Read more »

Honda Vs Takata Airbags

Honda Motor Co. has announced yesterday i.e. March 17th that they will be replacing roughly 1.1 million defective Takata airbag inflators in Acura and Honda vehicles on the driver’s side. This has... Read more »

Results of MIT survey reveals global preferences about ethics of autonomous vehicles (Automotive and transportation)

This survey by MIT researchers worldwide on a distinctly enormous scale, with more than 2 million participants online from around 200 countries considering the classic ethical mystery named the “Trolley Problem.” The... Read more »