TAE Aerospace revamps first F135 engine outside USA


TAE Aerospace is the first Australian corporation that was assigned the Asia-Pacific region’s F135 upkeep, patch-up, overhaul and upgrade workshop responsibility in 2015. Over the span of five years, TAE Aerospace has been associated meticulously with the F-35 Joint Program Office in the US, Pratt & Whitney, and the Australian government through the Joint Strike Fighter Division in Canberra to develop a topnotch research and upgrade facility, methodological workforce and test facility that has the ability and capability to withstand the F135 engine for the Royal Australian Air Force and other F-35 program contributors in the region.

Bustle over the last 12 months has pumped up significantly at TAE Aerospace, with drill commencing in mid-2019 and completion of a new 15,000 square meter Turbine Engine Maintenance Facility (TEMF) in December 2019. The new ultramodern facility has been specially designed for the F135 and the other superior engines – F404, F414, and AGT1500 – that TAE maintains today. The accomplishment of the first F135 fan unit indicates that TAE Aerospace is one step closer to attaining initial workshop capability and regularly delivering modules to the F-35 Global Support Solution (GSS).

Sung Kwon said “We congratulate TAE Aerospace for demonstrating the capability to repair and overhaul the F135 fan module. This represents a significant sustainment milestone for the F135 program and is a testament to the hard work of the joint government and industry team that made it happen.”

The corporation concentrates on generating value for its patrons in the commercial aviation and Defense marketplace by providing excellent products and services in a turbine engine and component MRO, aerospace engineering and advanced manufacturing.