Susan Rice: ‘Domestic partitions are the biggest threat to our national security’

national security

Susan Rice, a former national security adviser, cautions in the new book which exposes the degree to which those tensions threatened to division her parents, America’s strident political divisions have become the most serious threat to its own future.

Rice, the top African woman under the Obama administration, became an American hard right hate figure, sometimes on issues for which she has little duty. In her latest recollection, Tough Love, her insecurity is described as her son Jake shifted to the other end of the political spectrum, becoming the leader of a Trumpist Republican student organization at Stanford University.

Rice acknowledges that a positive ending is not a foregone conclusion in her family and the nation at large. Tough Love regularly interwove personality and politics, but never more painfully than after her departure in January 2017 and her relationship with Jake represents that division in US politics.

The family divide between mother and son brought national news last October, when it threatened for a senate seat in Maine after the incumbent Republican, Susan Collins, in reaction to allegations that he had been involved in sexual harassment, agreed to appoint Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Justice.

In the meantime, Jake Rice-Cosla (former National Safety Advisor’s eldest child and partner Ian Cameron, a former ABC News director who met her in the University) held a  ceremony at Stanford to announce that Kavanaugh was attacked by a female student with varying opinion.

It is hard to imagine a speech that is diametrically opposed to what Susan Rice has done in her adult life.

Much of the Republican party can be represented in similar common terms, at least on paper. But it was in practice true to Trump, even if it trapped nearly everything, which is traditionally held dear and left a volatile and self-sustaining leader in the country as a hostage.

The United States makes it easier for its enemies “because we now have a White House chief whose aim is to exacerbate these divisions.”