Successfully implemention of InterSystems TrakCare by Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital

InterSystems, a worldwide leader in info technology platforms for health, business, and government applications, proclaimed the thriving implementation by Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital of InterSystems TrakCare as its unified health care system. The recent go-live at Al Noor hospital represents the seventh thriving implementation of TrakCare across the Mediclinic network.

Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital offers a variety of primary, secondary and tertiary services.

Providing seamless patient expertise combined with high standards in safety and potency has perpetually been at the guts of Mediclinic Al Noor hospital. Over the years, the hospital has attained its name for leading the method in groundbreaking procedures and was the primary personal hospital in Abu Dhabi to supply IVF services and heart surgery. Adopting TrakCare at Mediclinic Al Noor hospital is another testament that the hospital is at the forefront of meeting the present and future health wants of patients within the region.

Mediclinic geographical region (MCME), one amongst the most important personal health care teams within the UAE, is on schedule to deploy TrakCare across all of its hospitals and clinics within the UAE. TrakCare’s Electronic medical history System (EMR) permits the group’s care suppliers to own a holistic read of every patient’s clinical, body, and money info at any given time. The EMR system supports MCME medical workers in their decision-making, whereas making a lot of opportunities to supply patients an increased expertise and seamless care journey as they pay less time waiting and avoid extra tests.

The advanced ability that TrakCare provides can modify Mediclinic Al Noor hospital to exchange knowledge with Malaffi.