Strong measures being implemented to cutoff hoarding and ensure sufficient supply of goods



  • has shipped all the available toilet papers
  • President Trump held a telephonic conversation with 30 key players in retail industries

With the rising fear of coronavirus, people are going crazy over the thought of a complete shutdown, and are thus stripping the market of food and other essentials, the people in the US and European market are stacking up on toiletries and food items, creating a dip in availability for everyone’s use, the retailers have even warned the common people that stacking up toilet papers and basic food items is leading to a shortage of supply, thus resulting in panic and unrest amongst the citizen.

Online retailers such as have also claimed to have shipped all the available toilet papers and are currently facing a shortage of products on their marketplace and warehouse. Due to this unusual situation and the state of panic President Trump held a telephonic conversation with 30 key players in retail industries, such as, Wholefoods, Target, Costco Wholesale, Walmart, etc. he was assured that the supply lines are working well and the shortage is just a result of hysteria.

The food production companies also assured, they are executing a planned procedure, and there is and would be sufficient food available in the market, regardless of the situation the food production line would not be cut off, the factories are working round the clock and are focusing on products that have particularly high demand, flavors with lesser demand in the market won’t be produced for a while, as changing flavor means a lot of changes in machinery and that could take a lot of time.

Retailers like Walmart, Publix, etc. have put a customer based restriction on how many products can be purchased by a particular individual, essential products like toilet paper, sanitizers, disinfectants are being issued on a smaller scale despite the higher demand.