Some draws of the domestic business picking up this quarter

The economic slide in the consumption rate of the domestic consumers is well documented in the Indian context in the recent past, and most of the writers have phased it to be all gloom and doom, but the industry is repositioning itself into extracting whatever it can salvage from the crux of difficult times for the better survivability and execution of its basic policies to overcome the shadows of the government-led policy regime that have instigated the slowdown in the first phase. The domestic air traffics have picked up by 11% in the last month sighting a partial recovery of the industry segment which has been the fastest-growing market segment in aspects of direct consumption of services and has been the witness of the connect India program where many small towns and cities are in their way to get their airports in place for better connectivity to the world in the globalized village we live in today.

The fall of Jet Airways and the rising tariffs due to higher fuel prices have had a major impact on the sales revenue and the operational ability of airlines to make it count in times of need, but induction of newer aircraft on the busy trunk routes as well as deployment of smaller aircraft for the connectivity of small airports in the country has widened the area of operation for the airlines with better consumer traffic and an increase in the market potential to adapt and accept the changes to set the platform for strong growth in the coming quarters.