Soccer Club Politics may face a huge blow as a result of the New World Club Association

Soccer Club Politics

The National Football Club Association has already created a new interest group and the planning to extend the Club World Cup in 2021 will make a substantial difference for soccer.

It is a forum for clubs worldwide to address conflicts with FIFA, the newly formed body. The first goal is to ensure that its participants benefit from the Club World Cup.

Whereas Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, is the World Football Club Association (WFCA) whose eight founding members are from all over the world and Moise Katumbi, vice president of Congolese TP Mazembe, has reached 2010 final for the 2010 World Cup. Certain participants include River Plates, Boca Juniors from South America, Mexico’s Club America, Guangzhou Evergrande from the Chinese side, Auckland City from New Zealand, and AC Milan from Italy. The WFCA is seeking to expand and win new members.

In Inside World Football, Paul Nicholson claims that the aim of the WFCA has been stated that the World Cup will ensure that fans can see the best teams playing football for the world’s only club trophy that sounds somewhat like a FIFA lobby group. That the WFCA is only sponsored by FIFA president Gianni Infantino seems to contribute to that alleged condition.

Whether the interests of WFCA are in line with the interests of FIFA or not, its membership of clubs outside of Europe could lead to a collision with Juventus President Andreas Agnelli and the extension of the FIFA-run competitions, which is the strongest European Club Association (ECA).

The ECA’s opposition to the World Cup Club could be in the favor of WFCA, as many clubs like Manchester United, which were originally opposed to the expanded tournament, could begin to see the advantages of competing at the World Cup Club.