Singapore termed as the best country for raising children

If you, like every parent, want to raise your children so they grow to be active, healthy, happy and brainy, Singapore is the place for you!

Singapore- the Lion City, was topmost in eight of the categories, as stated in the yearly report printed by the United Kingdom centered, ‘Save The Children’, a non-government organization.

In this, the Global Childhood Report, Singapore succeeded in leaving behind countries such as Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, South Korea, and Belgium, as a result of scoring, in the End of Childhood Index, an astonishing 989 out of a total of 1,000.

This is no small accomplishment, as the Southeast Asian country did considerably well in providing a state of the art healthcare system, quality education, nutrition and safety to the youngest generation.

As a matter of fact, only 2.8 demises have been registered out of a total of 1,000 live births since the year 2017.

Singapore has landed itself first in this category for the second time. The previous year, it managed to tie at the topmost spot with Slovenia.

The list included the Philippines, which was at number 102, Brunei, which was at 63, Malaysia at 71, Thailand at 86, and the 107th place went to Indonesia.

The regional director of the ‘Save the Children Singapore’, Hassan Muhammad Saadi Noor, confidently stated that even though it is competitive, their education system is the best around the globe.

He added that Singapore’s high GDP (gross domestic product) per capita, helps it invest greatly in public service sectors such as healthcare and education. These policies aim to generate a surrounding that caters for children from a very young age.

In the meantime, nations like Afghanistan, Mali, and Rwanda are those that have the least ranking. Most children in these countries have been moved elsewhere as a response to conflicts.