Purchasing Power® Receives Gold and Silver Stevie® Awards 2019

Purchasing Power®, an Atlanta based purchasing company, has received two awards at a formal gala presenting at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. The awards handed to the company were the Gold and a Silver Stevie® Award. This gala represented the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service13th anniversary. As expected from the name, the award received represented the good quality that the company provided for delivering services to their customers. Purchasing Power is considered a rapidly growing benefit company. The basis of its activities is provided purchase programs which enhances and uses payroll deductions.

The Gold award received by Purchasing Power was under the category of “Outbound Marketing Program of the Year”. This was awarded to the company due to their campaign in Chicago with the name of “Purchasing Power Chicago Style – SHRM Campaign”. The campaign was very successful in terms of targets and numbers due to its new approach and suitable technique. The campaign stood out by including representatives from the company’s sales team on-ground for direct meetings.

On the other hand, the Silver Stevie award was from the category of “Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy”. This award was chosen to recognize the program initiated by Purchasing power called Voice of the Customer. This program used frequent surveys to evaluate the customers’ satisfaction. The fast and efficient reaction to these obtained results was the brilliance of the whole program and why they deserved such an award.

Stevie awards should not be taken lightly as it is considered as a very prestigious honor in terms of customer service. These awards include over 2700 nominees from different places in the world. Different size business with different headings are all included in these awards; which makes it hard to obtain. Being able to pitch in a program or campaign that receives an award will push your technique to be a best practice in the field.