Principles for the United States-India strategic partnership

As the head of the states of independent and lively democracies, President Trump and Prime Minister Modi declared to fortify a United States-India Complete Universal Strategic Partnership. They vowed to strengthen defense and security cooperation, especially using the greater nautical and space domain cognizance and facts sharing; joint assistance; exchange of military cooperation personnel; advanced drill and long-drawn-out training amongst all services and Special Forces. Due to the special factor that a strong and capable Indian military force supports peace, steadiness, and stability in the Indo-Pacific region, while President Trump restated his promise of arranging the transfer to India of advanced U.S. military technology, President Trump happily welcomed India’s recent decision to acquire MH-60R naval and AH-64E Apache helicopters from the United States.

They also committed to improve security of their native country through collaboration and to join forces to fight against international crimes like human trafficking, drug-trafficking, terrorism and crimes in cyberspace, both the leaders gave emphasis on the increasing prominence of the trade and investment dimension of the United States-India relationship while stating long term and stable trade deals will benefit both the US and the Indian economy. Through their Strategic Energy Partnership, the United States and India are seeking to enhance energy security, expand energy and innovation linkages across respective energy sectors.

They applauded an effort by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for development and launch in 2022 of a joint mission with the world’s first dual-frequency Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite, President Trump and Prime Minister Modi articulated their aspiration to upsurge advanced education association and educational exchange prospects, counting through the “Young Innovators” internships, and applauded the recent advance in the number of Indian students in the United States.

President Trump and Prime Minister Modi committed to working together to reinforce and reform the United Nations and other international organizations, and to ensure their reliability. President Trump endorsed the backing of the United States for India’s permanent membership on an improved UN Security Council.