Police witnessed the baldest tire ever when they stopped a driver for it

The tread is also the portion of a tire that touches the ground and it is worn down over time. You have a bald tire when the rim is completely worn to the wear bars. And, if you have bald tires for your car, it’s not safe to drive new tires immediately on bald tires.

The court must impose three penalty points for all tire offenses. For each defective tire, it can also impose these points. For example, you could run the risk of 12 points and the likelihood of a total ban on four bald tires on the same vehicle.

On the side of a barge, many of us saw fresher pneuma.

Unfortunately with that worn-out example, the driver of this Citroen hatchback was noticed in the rain. At first, when officers discovered one of the baldest tires they’d ever seen, he was halted by defacing lights near Trafalgar House Police Station, Bradford.

Traffic police officer PC Dave Cant tweeted that just before he stopped last night he managed 1/4 mile from the nick. The driver could opt for a patch for the awful tire, but he still faces three points on his license with a fine of £ 100.

PC Cant said it was one of the top three baldest tires.

He said he first stopped for faulty lights, checked the car and found the bald tire. The running of the vehicle, until the tire was replaced, was forbidden. The driver could continue his journey with his spare time.

Several tweets on this incident have been tweeted.

Tracey Wesson tweeted while replying to PC Cant making fun of the situation saying that it seemed as if the tire looked like it has been rubbed by Mr. Sheen (shoe polisher).

According to regulation, tires must be at least 1.6 mm tread depth throughout the center of the pull. However, when the tread depth falls to 3 mm, tires and highway safety experts should be replaced.