New Chinese Heads Appointed in TikTok, Target of 100,000 Global Headcount Set

The owner of the well-known short video application TikTok, ByteDance, a Beijing-based internet company, has announced on Thursday that new Chinese leaders have been appointed to boost the business in the country. A new target has been set for the purpose which is 100,000 of global headcount, to be met by the year end.

Zhang Lidong has been hired as the chairman of the China business who is expected to oversee the non-product operations in the Chinese market and manage the strategy and money matters.

ByteDance also said that the head of yet another Chinese short video app Douyin, Kelly Zhang Nan, is to become the chief executive of the China business. He shall then oversee the country’s product operations which will also include Chinese news aggregator Jinri Toutiao, Douyin and Xigua Video.

As per the statement, the new heads will be reporting to Zhang Yiming, the company’s founder and global CEO who is to focus on the company’s plans of global expansion. ByteDance isn’t as old itself and is still a startup, still it has valued $78 billion in the latest financial year. The company is spread across 30 countries and has 60,000 employees all over.

“I am now planning to visit the regions wherever we have offices and educate myself on not only the company’s operations but also the local culture. I plan to do this in the coming three years,” said the global CEO, Zhang, in the statement.

“The testament of the hard work and dedication of all our employees can be seen in the impeccable growth that ByteDance has experienced ever since we started with the venture. And now, with a global team, we plan to achieve a number of 100,000 by the end of the year,” he added.

TikTok has been the most downloaded non-game application on Apple’s international app store as well as Google Play in the past two consecutive months. The data was obtained from the app performance tracker called Sensor Tower.