Missile Defense Intercepted a rocket fired at Kabul Airport

Missile Defense Intercepted a rocket fired at Kabul Airport

A security official who worked in the administration to topple two weeks ago to the Taliban said the rockets fired from a car in north Kabul.

Kabul, Afghanistan: 

As the US hurried to finish its exit from Afghanistan, rockets soared through the Afghan capital on Monday.

The evacuation of people is nearly complete, and terror threat concerns are at an all-time high.


President Joe Biden has set a Tuesday deadline for the withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan. Bringing an end to his country’s most extended military battle, which began in retribution for the September 11 attacks.

Furthermore, The Taliban, a fundamentalist Islamist organization that was overthrew in 2001. But recently reclaimed control. Sparked a mass departure of scared individuals onboard US-led evacuation aircraft.

Passengers Kabul

Moreover, Those flights, which carried over 114,000 passengers out of Kabul Airport. It will end on Tuesday when the thousands of American troops leave.

However, US soldiers are now primarily focused on securely transporting themselves. And American officials out of the country.


After carrying out a suicide bomb assault at the airport late last week that killed more than 100 people, including 13. US personnel. The ISIS organization, rivals of the Taliban, represent the greatest threat to the pullout.

Biden about Afghanistan

Biden had warned that additional assaults were expected.  And the US claimed it had carried out an airstrike in Kabul on an explosives-laden truck on Sunday night.

According to AFP journalists in the city, that is following. Monday morning, the sound of rockets flying across Kabul.

Witnesses and security sources claim that many rockets fired has launched at the airport.


Near the airport, smoke was rising.

Residents reported hearing the airport’s. Missile defense system and seeing debris fall onto the street, indicating one rocket fired had intercepted.


According to a security officer who worked in the previous administration. In emphasis The Taliban overthrew, the rockets were fired from a vehicle in the north.

 Potential loss of innocent life

A Taliban spokesperson confirmed the attack on Sunday. Claiming that a suspected second strike had damaged a neighboring house, a car bomb aimed at the airport.


Moreover, in the conflict, the US has accused of killing numerous people in airstrikes. Contributing to a loss of local support, which was a possibility again on Sunday.


“We are aware of allegations of civilian deaths. As a result of our attack on a vehicle in Kabul today,” said Captain Bill Urban of the United States Marine Corps.

According to Urban’s

ACCORDING TO URBAN, the US military was examining if people have killed. Who noted that the vehicle’s destruction resulted in “strong” explosions. Furthermore,

“Any potential loss of innocent life would deeply sadden us,” he said.

In present years, Some of the worst assaults in Afghanistan and Pakistan have carried out in ISIS’ Afghanistan-Pakistan chapter.

Hence, Civilians are slaughtering in mosques, public places, schools, and even hospitals.

ISIS and the Taliban are both extreme Sunni Islamists, but they are fierce enemies, as well, claiming to be the real flag-bearers of jihad.

Suicide Attack

Furthermore, Last week’s suicide attack at the airport resulted in the US military’s most tremendous single-day death toll in Afghanistan since 2011.

Consequently, The threat posed by ISIS has driven the US military and the Taliban to work together to ensure airport security in ways. That was inconceivable only a few weeks ago.

Taliban militants took Afghans off buses to the main passenger terminal on Saturday. Somehow, where they will hand over to US forces for evacuation.

Taliban leader

Which was to terminate the US military compare to their previous reign of terror. Because the Taliban provided a haven to Al-Qaeda, the Taliban have pledged a gentler kind of leadership.

Moreover, Many Afghans, thus, are concerned about a repetition of the Taliban’s harsh interpretation of Islamic law. As well as deadly retaliation for cooperating with foreign troops. Western missions, or the former US-backed administration.
In contrast, Thousands of at-risk Afghans have been unable to board evacuation planes, according to Western allies.

As On Sunday, the Taliban said that it’s the supreme leader. Hibatullah Akhundzada was in southern Afghanistan and would be making a public appearance.


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